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No. Session Title Organizers Abstract ID Abstracts Type Authors Affiliation Country Final session Original Session number of oral presentation
A-01 Mainstreaming high-quality timber production from planted teak forests and efforts for conservation of teak genetic resources PK Thulasidas 99 GROWING AND PRODUCTIVITY CHARACTERIZATION OF YOUNG TEAK (Tectona grandis Linn f.) PLANTATIONS AND ESTIMATION OF SITE INDEX CURVES IN THE SEPTENTRIONAL AREA OF THE REPUBLIC OF GUATEMALA Poster Manuel Mollinedo Universidad Rafael Landivar Guatemala A-01a 10
101 Species composition and diversity at Teak plantation in Karnaphuli range, Kaptai, Rangmati, Bangladesh Print Only Md. Rishad Abdullah PhD fellow Bangladesh A-01a B-13
109 A Preliminary Distance Dependent Individual Tree Simulator for teak (Tectona grandis L. f) plantations incorporating thinning regimes. Oral Mauricio Jerez-Rico University of Los Andes Venezuela A-01a
132 Effects of site suitability and neighborhood competition on diameter growth of planted teak trees in northern Thailand Poster Gaku Hitsuma Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences Japan A-01a
175 Mineral nutrient diagnosis of young teak (Tectona grandis) plantations grown on acidic soils in south China Oral Zaizhi Zhou Research Institute of Tropical Forestry China A-01a
233 A cost-effective approach to pruning teak: Integrating the hand pruning method in a teak pruning regime and justification for adoption. Oral Nelly Grace  Bedijo FAO SPGS III Uganda A-01a
268 Effects and mechanism of fertilization on fine root turnover in teak plantations Print Only 王西洋 Wang Xi Yang  热带林业研究所 China A-01a
285 Photosynthetic characters of teak (Tectona grandis Linn.) clones Oral 黄桂华 Huang Gui Hua  中国林业科学研究院热带林业研究所 China A-01a
274 The growth of Teak (Tectona grandis Linn. f) plantations in Myanmar: Preliminary Case Study on Bago Yoma Range, Myanmar Oral Zar Chi Hlaing Staff Officer, Forest Research Institute, Forest Department Myanmar A-01a
205 TEAKNET as a Network Platform for Global Teak Sector Oral Sreelakshmy MP Kerala Forest Research Institute india A-01b
Kenichi Shono 206 Global Teak Support Programme  for the sustainable management of natural and planted teak resources in the tropics Oral Thulasidas PK Kerala Forest Research Institute india A-01b
265  Teak  Plantations in  Modified Taungya System (MTS): One of the strategies  for  Forest landscape restoration (FLR) in Ghana  Oral Valerie   Lomokuor Fumey Nassah Forestry Commission  Ghana A-01b
356 Smallholder farmers contribution to planted teak Oral James  Roshetko  World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) Indonesia A-01b
435 Enhancing Conservation and Sustainable Management of Teak Forests and the Legality of Wood Supply in the Greater Mekong Sub-region Oral Tetra YANUARIADI Forest Industry Division, International Tropical Timber Organisation, Yokohama, Japan Japan A-01b
A-02 Intra and inter tree-species variations to consider in planted forest: selection of the appropriate genetic material to plant under a changing climate Christophe Orazio 173 The potential of non-native tree species to mitigate climate change effects of European forests Oral Elisabeth P?tzelsberger Institute of Silviculture, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Austria A-02 6
Thomas Paul 262 Initiatives to support  tree species and provenance #S#ion in a climate change context Oral Brigitte Musch onf France A-02
Elisabeth Potzelsberger 271 First results from REINFFORCE network of arboreta analysis, an estimate of the potential of adaptation of genetic material for plantations.  Oral António Correia Centro de Estudos Florestais, Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Universidade de Lisboa Portugal A-02
António Henrique Correia 292 Melia dubia Cav. : An important tree for plantations under agroforestry Oral ashok kumar FOREST RESEARCH INSTITUTE india A-02
Nick MCCarthy 297 Forest reproductive materials transfer guideline of important tropical trees, and adopted for planting activities in Southeast Asia Oral NAOKI TANI Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences Japan A-02
338 Field- Based Performance of Vegetatively Propagated Cuttings (Cloned) and Seedlings of Hybrid Bagras (Eucalyptus deglupta Blume) in the Experimental Plantation, Agusan del Norte, Mindanao Oral LOURDES BREVA DENR-ERDB Philippines A-02
A-03 Forest genetics and genomics: the opportunities and challenges of climate change mitigation Heidi Dungey 13 Simplified elite eucalyptus hybrid clone breeding for high propagability and cold tolerance Poster Alain BAILLY FCBA France A-03 5
37 Molecular response of Pinus under biotic and abiotic stresses Print Only Wu Fan Nanjing Forestry University China A-03
97 The Molecular and Physiological Responses of the Secondary Growth of Populus × Canescens to Low Nitrogen Oral Yan Lu Chinese Academy of Forestry China A-03
115 Genetic Survey of Germplasm Resourse of Dalbergia cochinchinensis pierre Oral 洪舟 Hong  中国林业科学研究院热带林业研究所 China A-03 B-15
252 High-throughput SNP discovery using Genotyping by Sequencing (GBS) applied to genetics and breeding of Japanese larch (larix kaempferi)  Print Only 项伟波 Xiang Wei Bo  中国林业科学研究院 China A-03
Jianming Xue 328 Growth and phenotypic characteristics of Norway spruce in the gene conservation unit in Orlice mountains (Czech Republic) Poster Martin Fulín Forestry and Game Management Research Institute  Czech Republic A-03
360 Genetic characterization of important regional Norway spruce populations in the Czech Republic Poster Jaroslav Dostál Forestry and Game Management Research Institute Czech Republic A-03
364 New breeding targets to improve resilience to climate change Oral Simeon Smaill Scion New Zealand A-03
407 Using δ13C signature as a screening parameter for drought tolerant radiata pine genotypes Oral Jianming Xue Scion New Zealand A-03
A-04 Managing carbon and nutrient cycling for enhanced forest productivity and resilience under intensification of planted forest management Peter Clinton 140 Root morphological growth dynamic of larch seedlings and media chemistry change in subirrigation system  Oral Fangfang Wan Beijing forestry university China A-04 7
Jianming Xue 141 Nitrogen retranslocation in needles of Pinus tabulaeformis in relation to vegetation competition, nitrogen supply and container depth Oral Zhongqian Cheng Research Institute of Forestry Policy and Information, Chinese Academy of Forestry China A-04
165 How nutrient addition affects scaling relationship of plant leaf nitrogen to phosphorus? Using experimental manipulations of Arabidopsis thaliana Oral Zhengbing Yan Peking University China A-04 B-13
Osbert Sun 211 Competition, not species richness is the main driver for increasing element contents in tree tissues in a young tree diversity experiment in subtropical China Oral Zequn Yu Chair of Silviculture, University of Freiburg Germany A-04
Liu Shirong 248 Development strategy and management countermeasures of planted forests for Enhancing Ecosystem Services in China Oral Shirong Chinese Academy of Forestry China A-04
295 Consequences of Bamboo Expansion for Litter Decomposition and Their Responses to Environmental Change Oral Junwei Luan International Centre for Bamboo and Rattan China A-04
362 Long-term application of biosolids enhanced soil fertility and carbon sequestration of radiata pine plantation on a marginal land Oral Jianming Xue Scion New Zealand A-04
A-05 Tree Genetics and Breeding-genomics, functional genomics and GM trees Li Quanzi 94 Comparative transcriptome analysis of two Eucalyptus species (E. camaldulensis and Eucalyptus cloeziana) Print Only 何沙娥 He Sha E  China Eucalypt Research Centre China A-05 4
121 PtoWRKY40 and CuZn-Superoxide dismutase interact and regulate lignin biosynthesis via repression of PtoCCoAOMT1 and Pto4CL3 in Populus tomentosa Oral 李少锋 Li Shao Feng  Experimental Center of Forestry in North China China A-05
313 A white spruce cellulose synthase is involved in secondary cell wall biosynthesis Oral Armand Seguin Natural Resources Canada Canada A-05
327 Transcriptome-wide analysis dissecting transcription factors orchestrating larch tree phase change Oral 李万峰 Li Wan Feng  中国林业科学研究院林业研究所 China A-05
345 Suppression of PtrCesA4, PtrCesA7/17 and PtrCesA8/18 lead to halt in secondary wall cellulose synthesis in Populus trichocarpa Poster Abbas Manzar Chinese Academy of Forestry China A-05
386 A Re-sequencing Based High Density Genetic Map of Populus deltoides ‘Danhong’ × P. simonii ‘Tongliao1’ Construction and QTLs Identification for Drought-resistant Traits. Poster 孙佩 Sun Pei  中国林业科学研究院 China A-03
387 A Populus NTPDase Enhances Cold Tolerance by Modulating Vesicular Trafficking and Extracellular ATP Signaling Oral Shurong Deng Research Institute of Forestry, Chinese Academy of Forestry China A-03
458 Small-RNA profiling on 20 genotypes provide new insight into wood formation in poplar Poster Yanguang Chu 中国林业科学研究院林业研究所 China A-03
459 Comparative metabolomic analysis of the cambium tissue of non-transgenic and multi-gene transgenic poplar (Populus × euramericana 'Guariento') Poster Ding Changjun 丁昌俊 林木遗传育种国家重点实验室,中国林业科学研究院林业所,国家林业局林木培育重点实验室 China A-03
B-01 Functional evaluation and sustainable management of the Three-North Afforestation Program Zhu Jiaojun 287 The effect of soil moisture on Net Primary Productivity Poster 祝欣荣 Zhu Xin Rong  北京大学 China B-01 4
353 Mapping growing stock volume and biomass carbon storage of larch plantations in Northeast China with L-band ALOS PALSAR backscatter mosaics Oral Tian Gao Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences China B-01
358 The Effects of Different Forest Management Practices on Soil Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorus Pools of Larch Plantations Oral Kai Yang Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences China B-01
372 Assessment of Three-North Afforestation Program (TNAP) in the Past 40 Years Oral 闫巧玲 Yan Qiao Ling  Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences China B-01
400 Effects of thinning intervals on ecological stoichiometry of understory broadleaved trees and soil in larch plantations Oral 谢锦 Xie Jin  沈阳应用生态研究所 China B-01
B-02 Management of degraded coniferous planted forests to increase the provision of ecosystem services Isabella De Meo 52 Social Awareness of and Payment for Ecological Services in the 20th century : an experience of Japan, in monsoon Asia Oral Hiromichi Furuido The University of Tokyo Japan B-02 5
Alessandro Paletto 125 Thinning effects on ecosystem services in planted black pine (Pinus nigra J.F.Arnold) forests in Italy Oral Alessandro Paletto Council for Agricultural Research and Economics (CREA) Italy B-02
Maurizio Marchi 167 Application of GIS in soil GHG of periurban planted coniferous forest in (Xanthi), Greece, under three different thinning densities Oral Kalliopi Radoglou Democritus University of Thrace Greece B-02
Alessandra Lagomarsino 172 Crown and stem taper equations for Pinus nigra J.F.Arnold as forest management operational tools Oral Maurizio Marchi CREA - Research Centre for Forestry and Wood (Italy)  Italy B-02
187 Forest visitors’ preferences for alternative management scenarios: the example of the restoration of degraded forests in Italy  Oral Isabella De Meo Consiglio per la ricerca in agricoltura e l'analisi dell'economia agraria (CREA), Research Centre for Agriculture and Environment Italy B-02
203 Spatial and temporal variations of soil CO2 fluxes from planted conifers, broadleaved forest species and grasses in Greece   Poster Kalliopi Radoglou Democritus University of Thrace Greece B-02
Marusák Róbert 19 GIS Coop: Networks of silvicultural trials for supporting forest management under changing environment Poster Alain BAILLY FCBA France B-03
96 Prediction of suitable geographic range for Eucalyptus camaldulensis in China and its response to climate change  Print Only 欧阳林男 Ou Yang Lin Nan  China Eucalypt Research Centre B-03
104 The operational application of airborne remote sensing for forest stand-level inventory Oral Yong Pang Chinese Academy of Forestry China B-03
305 Nystr?m-based spectral clustering for individual tree segmentation using airborne LiDAR point cloud data Print Only 王伟伟 Wang Wei Wei  北京师范大学信息科学与技术学院 China B-03
444 Forest Edge Dynamic Estimation using Multi-temporal Airborne Lidar Data Oral Zuyuan Wang Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Switzerland B-03
B-04 New generation plantations for natural climate solutions Luis Neves Silva 17 Planted Forests for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation : An Empirical Study in Drought prone Regions of West Bengal, India Oral Jyotish Prakash Basu West Bengal State University, Barasat india B-04 5
136 Ecology of Cola nitida (Vent.) Schott & Endl and Garcinia kola Heckel and their potentials for recruitment of undergrowth species across two climatic gradients in Nigeria Oral Onyebuchi Patrick Agwu Université Felix Houphouet Boigny,  Abidjan , C?te d’Ivoire. West African Science Center on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use (WASCAL) Nigeria B-04 B-18
Peter Freer-Smith 146 New Generation Plantations for a Greener Future Oral Peter Freer-Smith Dept of Environmental Science and Policy, Univ of California Davis UK B-04
Palle Madsen 190 Natural Climate Solutions Oral Xiaoquan Zhang The Nature Conservancy China B-04
Bronson Griscom 247 The Role of Planted Forests on Adaptation and Restoration Oral Palle Madsen Forest & Landscape College IGN, University of Copenhagen Denmark B-04
B-05 Managing planted forests for enhancing ecosystem services Liu Shirong 57 Thinning promotes the growth of remaining trees but declines tree and understory plant diversity in larch plantations with influenced by deer grazing Poster Takuo Nagaike Yamanashi Forest Research Institute Japan B-05 5
127 A Cost Benefit Analysis for the protection of buffer zone in the Ulz river basin of Mongolia Oral Khulan Myagmar National University of Mongolia Mongolia B-05
137 Different hydrological impacts of natural forests and planted forests along dryness gradients in China Oral Zhen Yu Iowa State University USA B-05
Zhen Yu 171 Influence of rooting media and hormone concentrations on vegetative propagation of Parkia biglobosa (JACQ.) Oral Ridwanu Bunza Mukhtar Bayero University, Kano Nigeria B-05
243 The effects of carbon allocation on timber production and its sustainability-a case study with planted Chinese fir forests in Huitong, Hunan, China Oral Silong Wang Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences China B-05
373 Integrating biological metrics #I# soil quality assessments Poster Steven Wakelin Scion New Zealand B-05
412 Planted Forest in Nepal.  A Case study of planted  Pine Forest  in Sindhu and Kavre District of  Midhill. Nepal Oral Shankar Adhikari Ministry of Forests and Environment Nenal B-05
B-06 Planted forests management and carbon sequestration: biogeochemical processes and silvicultural practices Wang Hui 123 Growth responses of Castanopsis hystrix and Pinus massoniana plantations to throughfall reduction in subtropical China Oral Lin Chen Experimental Center of Tropical Forestry China B-06 9
148 Water and nutrient management for plantations of three poplar species on north China plain Oral Jia Liming Beijing Forestry University China B-06
169 Soil organic carbon sequestration mechanism and potential regulation approach in south subtropical planted forests Oral 王晖 Wang Hui  Chinese Academy of Forestry B-06
195 N and P fertilization reduced soil autotrophic and heterotrophic respiration in a young Cunninghamia lanceolata plantation Print Only 王清奎 Wang Qing Kui  中国科学院沈阳应用生态研究所 China B-06
Andreas Schindlbacher 208 Effects of nitrogen deposition on nitrogen cycling and macronutrient concentration in two temperate forests in northeast China Oral Meixia Gao Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences China B-06
215 Responses of soil aggregate and organic carbon to experimental throughfall reduction in a pine plantation Oral Yujing Yang Institute of Forest Ecology, Environment and Protection, Chinese Academy of Forestry China B-06
241 The effects of understory plant functional groups under transforming typical conifer #I# broad in subtropical China Oral xueman huang College of Forestry, Guangxi University China B-06
Ming Angang 350 Using Indigenous and Red List Species for Enhancing Biodiversity of an Ex-tin Mine  in Peninsular Malaysia Oral Wai Mun Ho Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) Malaysia B-06
454 Disturbance effects on the C dynamics of mountain forests in the Austrian limestone Alps - Conclusions from three case studies Oral Andreas Schindlbacher Department of Forest Ecology, Federal Research and Training Centre for Forests, Natural Hazards and Landscape - BFW, A-1131 Vienna Austria B-06
455 Adaptation and survival strategies of rubber plantations to local adverse climatic conditions in Xishuangbanna Oral You-Xing Lin Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences China B-06
B07 Developing integrated risk management in planted forest to enhance resilience Christophe Orazio 183 PLURIFOR project a step forward for transboundary risk management in European forests Oral christophe orazio EFI France B-07 4
415 Assessment of vulnerability of exotic tree species in planted forests based on their phylogeny and repartition  Oral Herve JACTEL INRA France B-07
Hervé Jactel 390 Multiple risk assessment in planted pine forests Oral Barry Gardiner European Forest Institute France B-07
446 HIGHER DIVERSITY AND PRODUCTIVITY IN SILVER FIR – EUROPEAN BEECH MIXED FORESTS OVER MONOSPECIFIC FORESTS IN GERMANY Oral Somidh Saha Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlstr. 11, D-76133 Karlsruhe, Germany Germany B-07 B-09
B12 The strategy and new technology for controlling pests and diseases in planted forests Zhang Xingyao 48 Species diversity, host range and management of stem canker pathogens in the Cryphonectriaceae on Myrtales trees in southern China Oral ShuaiFei Chen China Eucalypt Research Centre (CERC), Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF) China B-07 5
430 Main Features and Monitoring Advances on Forestry Pests in China Oral Youqing luo Beijing forestry university China B-07
431 Potassium transporters are required in regulation of cell wall integrity and pathogenicity in Colletotrichum gloeosporioides Oral Lin Huang College of Forestry, Nanjing Forestry University China B-07
432 Recent progress in biological control of several important forest insect pests Oral WANG Xiao Yi Department of Natural Enemy and Biological Control, Research Institute of Forest Ecology, Environmental and Protection, Chinese Academy of Forestry China B-07
433 The trend of invasive expansion of pine wilt disease in China Oral XingYao Zhang Research Institute of Forestry New Technology, Chinese Academy of Forestry China B-07
B-08 Planted forests resources monitoring Chen Erxue 149 Estimating vertical structural parameters in planted forests using LiDAR Oral lin cao Nanjing Forestry University China B-08 6
192 Planted forest resources dynamic monitoring in regional scale based on remote sensing Oral Min Xu Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences China B-08
198 Planted forest resources monitoring in fine scale using multi-sources remote sensing data Oral Erxue Chen Institute of Forest Resources Information Techniques China B-08
210 Updating technology of planted forest resources data Based on GIS and RS Oral Liu pengju Research institute of resource information techniques China B-08
212 IoT based acquisition technology for growing and environmental information of planted forest Oral Xinwen Yu Institute of Forest Resource Information Techniques, Chinese Academy of Forestry China B-08
227 Optimization of Peatland Planted Forest Production by Minimizing Logging Residues Oral Faris Rafi Almay Widagdo Northeast Forestry University Indonesia B-08
B-09 Increasing resilience in planted forests to climate change impacts Somidh Saha 10 “Tree species composition and diversity effect ecosystem functions in Pacific Northwest, USA , plantation forest” Oral Austin Himes Oregon State University USA B-09 5
18 Household Level Vulnerability to Climate Change and Forest Dependent Communities: A study in Drought prone Areas of West Bengal, India Oral Jyotish Prakash Basu West Bengal State University, Barasat india B-09
92 Ensemble forecasting of China’s natural vegetation distribution under future climate: implications for large-scale forestation practice Print Only Lei Zhang Chinese Academy of Forestry China B-09
107 Bringing Back the Indigenous Tree Species in Plantation Forests of Bangladesh Poster Mohammed Kamal Hossain University of Chittagong Bangladesh B-09
403 Planted forests in National Adaptation Plans: preliminary insights Oral Vincent Gitz CIFOR Indonesia B-09
417 BRINGING FOREST SIMULATIONS TO LIFE: USING A MANAGEMENT DRIVEN SIMULATOR TO IMPROVE FOREST MANAGEMENT IN PORTUGAL Oral Barreiro Centro de Estudos Florestais, Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Universidade de Lisboa Portugal B-09
Cheng Zhongqian 445 HIGH PUBLIC SUPPORT FOR MIXED FORESTS OVER MONOSPECIFIC FORESTS IN GERMANY Oral Somidh Saha Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlstr. 11, D-76133 Karlsruhe, Germany Germany B-09
B-10 Forest microbiome: seeing the microbes for the trees Steve A Wakelin 12 The effect of humic acid on emission of greenhouse gas and microbial activity of soil in plantations Print Only 胡良 Hu Liang  Nanchang Institute of Technology China B-10 5
Simeon Smaill 119 Endophytic bacterial communities of Jingbai Pear trees in north China Oral 任菲 Ren Fei  Forestry experiment center of north China, Chinese Academy of Forestry 中国林业科学研究院华北林业实验中心 China B-10
Fu Shenglei 343 Diversity and association network patterns of soil microbiomes in 4 forests in eastern China Oral Dan He South China Botanical Garden China B-10
Shen Weijun 363 Working with soil microbes to build better forests Oral Simeon Smaill Scion New Zealand B-10
411 Macrofungi Diversity under Planted Tree Stands in an Ex-tin Mine in Peninsular Malaysia Poster Wai Mun Ho Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) Malaysia B-10
422 Response mechanism of soil microorganisms to water and fertilizer management practices in Eucalyptus Plantations Poster 高尚坤 South China Agricultural University China B-10 B-17
427 The change of soil microbial community structure leads to the variation of soil CO2 emission in Pinus massoniana plantation subjected to thinning and understory removal  Oral 雷蕾 Research Institute of Forest Ecology, Environment and Protection, Chinese Academy of Forestry China B-10 B-17
436 The abundance and community structure of soil arthropods in reclaimed coastal saline soil of managed poplar plantations Oral Li Yuanyuan Nanjing Forestry University China B-10 B-17
B-11 Planted forests and their role on water quality and quantity dynamics across the landscape Dean Meason 29 Water use process of shrub plantation in alpine sandy land, Tibet Plateau Oral 朱雅娟 Zhu Ya Juan  中国林业科学研究院 China B-11 7
217 A calculation system on vegetation carrying capacity based on water resources Oral Pengtao Yu Chinese Academy of Forestry China B-11 B-23
Brenda Baillie 339 Nutrient fluxes in incident rainfall, throughfall and stemflow in Pinus taeda L. in southern Brazil Poster Mauro Valdir Schumacher Federal University of Santa Maria Brazil B-11
Xiaohua (Adam) Wei 347 Assessing the impact of reforestation and climate variability on annual mean flow: A comparative study in two large watersheds of the Poyang Lake Basin, China Oral 侯怡萍  电子科技大学 China B-11
348 Variations in Hydrological Responses to Vegetation Change of Large watersheds across Climatic Gradient in China and Associated Mechanism Oral 张明芳 Zhang Ming Fang  电子科技大学 China B-11
Zhang Mingfang 378 Using novel ground sensor and remote sensing to quantify to role of Pinus radiata forested catchments on intra-annual water quantity dynamics of the regional landscape in New Zealand Oral Dean F Meason Scion New Zealand B-11
384 Water quality in New Zealands planted forests contribution and challenges in the wider landscape Oral Brenda Baillie Scion New Zealand B-11
385 Forestry for lakes: A case study from Bangladesh Oral Laskar Muqsudur Rahman Forest Department Bangladesh B-11
B-13 Impacts of climate change and air pollution on forest ecosystems: impacts, adaptation and management options Du Enzai 145 Predicting Ozone Fluxes, Impacts and Critical Levels on European Forests (PRO3FILE) Oral Marcus Schaub Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL Switzerland B-13 7
170   Pollution characteristics of atmospheric particulates on expressway forest belts in Urumqi Oral Aliya Baidourela Xinjiang Agricultural University China B-13
191 Three-decadal development of a larch plantation in a forest-steppe ecotone in Northeast China Oral 杜恩在 Du En Zai  北京师范大学 China B-13
Guangyu Wang 242 Long term effect of nitrogen addition on understory community in a Chinese boreal forest Oral Aijun Xing Institute of botany China B-13
282 Integration of climate and Ecological modelling for adaptive management in Asia-pacific  forests Oral Guangyu  Wang University of British Columbia Canada B-13
290 Characterization of Pollutants Emitted by Main Tree Species in Subtropical China Oral Futao Guo University of Washington USA B-13
304 Simulation of climate change and thinning effects on productivity of Larix olgensis plantations in northeast China using 3-PG model Oral 雷相东 Lei Xiang Dong  中国林科院资源信息研究所 China B-13
B-16 Woodnat project: enhancing the walnut (Juglans spp.) planted forests for timber production Jesús Fernández-Moya 319 Walnut and poplar mixed planted forests: the polycyclic plantations Oral Francesco Pelleri CREA Italy B-16 6
333 Commercial walnut (Juglans sp.) planted forests: the importance of plant material and the use of clones Oral Jesus Fernandez-Moya Bosques Naturales Spain B-16
334 Global situation of walnut (Juglans sp.) planted forests Oral Ignacio Urban Bosques Naturales Spain B-16
335 PLANTING WALNUT IN AGROFORESTRY SYSTEMS: LEARNT EXPERIENCES FROM ITALY AND SPAIN Oral Piero Paris  Institute of Agro-environmental and Forest Biology, National Research Council Italy B-16
337 Walnut (Juglans regia L.) pure and mixed plantations for high quality timber production in Chile, South America Oral VERóNICA LOEWE INFOR Chile B-16
359 Animal-mediated seed dispersal of Juglans mandshurica regulated by stand structure in larch plantations Oral 王静 Wang Jing  中国科学院沈阳应用生态研究所 China B-16
B-17 Forest plantation productivity in relation to stand structure and environmental conditions Xiao Wenfa 39 Effect of substrates on germination and growth  of Moringa oleifera Lam, Acacia mellifera and Zizyphus mauritiana seedlings Oral Antoine Sambou Assane Seck University of Ziguinchor Senegal B-17 A-02 14
219 The growth of Teak (Tectona grandis Linn. f) plantations in Myanmar: Preliminary Case Study on Bago Yoma Range, Myanmar Oral Zar Chi Hlaing Staff Officer, Forest Research Institute, Forest Department, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation Myanmar B-17
246 Effect of Spacing and Harvesting Interval on Growth Performance of Two Moringa Species Print Only Samaila ABDULLAHI Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto Nigeria B-17
266 Responses of ecophysiological traits and trait diversity of artificial pine forest along a precipitation gradient Oral 何鹏 He Peng  ,中国科学院沈阳应用生态研究所 China B-17
273 Phloem sap as a diagnostic assessment of plant water and nutritional status Oral Nirmol Kumar Halder The University of Sydney, Australia Bangladesh B-17
275 Soil carbon dynamics in forests under drought – insights from 13C-pulse labelling experiments  Oral Frank Hagedorn Swiss Federal Institute WSL Switzerland B-17
296 Status and Commercial Planting of Eucalyptus in Malaysia Oral AHMADZUHAIDI YAHYA FELLOWSHIP Malaysia B-17
322 The effect of irrigation and fertilization: on stone pine growth and cone production Poster joao  silva Transilvania University of Brasov Portugal B-17
354 Non-structural carbohydrates in stressed trees Oral Maihe Li Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL Switzerland B-17
355 Predicting Ozone Fluxes, Impacts and Critical Levels on European Forests (PRO3FILE) Oral Marcus Schaub Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL Switzerland B-17
Li Maihe  408 Regeneration strategies for promoting the timber production of larch plantations Oral 闫巧玲 Yan Qiao Ling  中国科学院沈阳应用生态研究所 China B-17
421 Rhizospheric processes promote P bioavailability for tree growth along age-sequences of Cunninghamia lanceolata plantations Oral 项文化 Central South University of Forestry and Technology China B-17
423 Additive litter mixture effects of broadleaved trees on decomposition in Pinus massoniana monocultures Poster 林娜 SOUTH CHINA AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY China B-17
424 Effects of mycorrhizal associations on soil respiration in Chinese temperate plantations Oral 王传宽 Northeast Forestry University China B-17
425 Designing near-natural Planting Patterns for Plantation Forests in China Oral 张弓乔 Research Institution of Forestry, Chinese Academy of Forestry China B-17
426 Soil nutrient and litter quality interactively govern litter decomposition in subtropical China Poster 曾立雄 Research Institute of Forest Ecology, Environment and Protection, Chinese Academy of Forestry China B-17
429 Technical system for plantation multi-function management Oral 陆元昌 中国林业科学研究院资源信息研究所 China B-17
133 Regeneration patterns and drivers of chinese cork oak across its full distribution range Print Only 刘建锋 Liu Jian Feng  中国林业科学研究院林业研究所 China B-17 B-19
448 ASSESSING RESTORATION POTENTIAL OF FRAGMENTED AND DEGRADED FAGACEAE FORESTS IN MEGHALAYA, NORTH-EAST INDIA oral Prem Prakash Singh Department of Botany, North-Eastern Hill University, India india B-17 B-19
B-18 Design and management of mixed-species planted forests for the provision of multiple ecosystem services Hervé Jactel 31 Competition increased fine root biomass in Chinese fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata) plantations in subtropical China Print Only Yingchun Liao Nanchang Institute of Technology China B-18 B-07 5
189 The long-term BIOTREE experiment on temperate tree biodiversity-ecosystem functioning: exploring the effects of inter-specific tree competition on leaf-trait plasticity Oral Hernán Serrano León European Forest Institute Spain B-18
Christophe Orazio 220 Influence of tree species composition on biomass of major plantations in Northeast China: Intercomparison between 10 plantations Oral 王兴昌 Wang Xing Chang  东北林业大学 China B-18 B-13
234 Native mixed-species planted forests as a tool for ecological restoration: preliminary results of a six-year-old trial in Venezuelan cloud forests. Oral Mauricio Jerez-Rico University of Los Andes Venezuela B-18
306 Additive vs. substitutive design of mixed-species plantations for the delivery of multiple ecosystem services Oral Herve JACTEL INRA France B-18
326 What have we learned so far from BEF-China to design better mixed forests? Oral Bernhard Schmid University of Zurich Switzerland B-18
B-20 Sustainable forest management planning Wu Shuirong 59 Long-term growth dynamics of loblolly and slash pine plantations Oral Dehai Zhao University of Georgia USA B-20 5
Heinrich Spiecker, Lars Sprengel 259 Integrated forest multi-objectives management with socio-economic information from a unique perspective: alternative species allocation of planted forest in China Oral Xufeng Zhang West Virginia University USA B-20
Liu Min 289 Multi-purpose management of watershed forest: Innovative practice in Zhongcun Forest of Shanxi Province Oral 兰倩  中国林业科学研究院林业科技信息研究所 China B-20
389 Development of Growth Models Oral Lars Sprengel Albert-Ludwigs-University Germany B-20
420 Forest Policy Facility and international cooperation experience between Germany and China Oral Min Liu FEDRC(China National Forestry Economics and Development Research Center) China B-20
B-21 Sustainable forest management to enhance the resilience of forests to climate change Chen Jinghua 28 livelihoods development through sustaining biodiversity at kuala gula, Kerian, Perak, Malaysia Oral Asae Sayaka Institut Darul Ridzuan Thailand B-21 4
Fu Rong 43 Using ecosystem services and markets to enhance sustainable forest management in the USA Oral Robert Deal PNW Research Station, USDA Forest Service USA B-21
105 Development of Sustainable Plantation Forests in Bangladesh Oral Mohammed Kamal Hossain University of Chittagong Bangladesh B-21
Wu Shuirong 231 Forest mortality and resilience to climate change in semiarid Inner Asia Oral chongyang xu Peking University China B-21
298 Forest conservation and management strategies for tropical Africa Oral owoh SUNDAY UNIVERSITY OF ABUJA Nigeria B-21
B-22 Eucalypt plantation management in China Chen Shaoxiong 122 Genetic Diversity and Structure through Three Cycles of China's Eucalyptus urophylla Breeding Program Oral Roger Arnold China Eucalypt Research Centre China B-22 8
139 Nutrient Circulation and Turnover Efficiency of Eucalyptus Plantation at Different Development Stages in China Oral 许宇星 Xu Yu Xing  ,China Eucalypt Research Centre B-22
156 Prediction of suitable geographic range for different eucalypt species in China, and potential response to climate change   Oral 欧阳林男 Ou Yang Lin Nan  China Eucalypt Research Centre B-22
Zheng Jiaqi 164 Eucalypt genomics research since the release of the Eucalyptus grandis reference genome Oral 罗建中 Luo Jian Zhong  国家林业局桉树研究开发中心 China B-22
185 Threat and management of diseases to eucalypt plantations in China Oral ShuaiFei Chen ,China Eucalypt Research Centre (CERC), Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF) China B-22
200 Factor analysis of the rapid development of eucalypt plantation & industries in China Oral 谢耀坚 Xie Yao Jian  ,国家林业局桉树研究开发中心 China B-22
456 Precision Forestry & Modern Sustainable Forest Management in China Oral Ian Blanden 斯道拉恩索(广西)林业有限公司 China B-22
457 Eucalyptus Plantation and Integrated Forest-Pulp-Paper in China Oral 黄文丁 海南金华林业有限公司 China B-22
B-23 Multifunctional plantation management Yanhui Wang 9 Contribution of three Agroforestry practices to the ligneous biodiversity conservation in planted forests at the central western and northwestern Burkina Faso Oral Joséphine Yaméogo CNRST/INERA/DEF Burkina Faso B-23 B-07 6
162 Forest management is needed to realize multifunctional black locust plantation forests on the Loess Plateau of China Oral Lulu Zhang UNITED NATIONS UNIVERSITY Institute for Integrated Management of Material Fluxes and of Resources (UNU-FLORES) Germany B-23
209 The rational management strategies of larch plantation based on the stand and single tree growth responses to main influencing factors Oral Ao Tian Institute of Forest Ecology, Environment and Protection, Chinese Academy of Forestry  China B-23
Kai Schwaezel 238 Multi-functional management of eucalypt plantations for soil and water protection, mine rehabilitation, carbon sequestration and wood products Oral Ashley Webb Department of Primary Industries Australia B-23
260 An optimal forest/plantation type optimizing different forest functions and certified according ISO 17065 international standard Oral Alfred Pitterle University of Natural Resources & Life Sciences Austria B-23
284 The multifunctional management of larch plantation stand in the semi-arid and semi-humid Liupan Mountains of northwest China Oral 王彦辉 Wang Yan Hui  中国林业科学研究院森林生态环境与保护研究所 China B-23
C-04 Sustainable management of planted forests for value-added bio products Jingxin Wang 11 Characterization of polysaccharides puri?ed from Lacquer tree seed cakes and its antioxidant activity Print Only 陈虹霞 Chen Hong Xia  中国林科院林产化学工业研究所 China C-04 6
336 Hybrid Willow Derived Activated Carbon for Shale Gas Fracking Water Purification Oral Jingxin Wang West Virginia University USA C-04
58 Managing loblolly pine plantations for traditional wood products and bioenergy Oral Dehai Zhao University of Georgia USA C-04 B-24
320 Automating Data Collection in Motor-Manual Felling Operations of Willow Short Rotation Coppice Oral Stelian A. Borz Transilvania University of Brasov Romania C-04 B-24
Dr. Stelian Alexandru Borz 434 Planting Performance in Partially Mechanized Establishment of Willow Short Rotation Coppice Poster Nicolae Talagai Faculty of Silviculture and Forest Engineering, Transilvania University of Bra?ov Romanian C-04 B-24
309 Investigating combustion and pollutant gas emissions characteristics of bamboo or torrefied bamboo with coal blends by TG-FTIR Poster 项洪中 Xiang Hong Zhong  国际竹藤中心 China C-04
Fei Benhua 311 Electrochemical characteristic of N-doped carbon material derived from bamboo fiber for lithium-ion batteries Poster 梁芳 Liang Fang  国际竹藤中心 China C-04
323 Torrefied moso bamboo: chemical and structural transformation Oral Zhijia Liu International center for bamboo and rattan China C-04
Dr. Nike Krajnc 428 Biomass and net primary productivity of Pinus massoniana plantation in China Oral 肖文发 Chinese Academy of Forestry China C-04 B-17
Jiang Jianchun 440 Workload of Manual Weed-Control Operations in Short Rotation Poplar Stands Poster Tiberu Department of Forest Engineering, Forest Management Planning and Terrestrial Measurements, Faculty of Silviculture and Forest Engineering, Transilvania University of Bra?ov Romanian C-04 B-24
374 Value-added technique and its application of Poplar-based products Oral Jingxin Hao Central South University of Forestry and Technology China C-04
B-25 Bark beetle ecology and the management strategy in planted forests Zhen Zhang 310 Semiochemical relationships among host, nonhost of Ips subelongatus and its associated fungi Oral Xiang bo Kong Research Institute of Forest Ecology, Environment, and Protection China B-25 6
312 Semiochemical Regulation of Interactions between Tomicus minor and Tomicus yunnanensis during the Shoot-feeding Phase Oral 武承旭 Wu Cheng Xu  中国林业科学研究院森环森保所 China B-25
332 Multi-scale monitoring and early warning technology of pine bark beetles Oral Lili REN Beijing Forestry University China B-25
462 International Symbiosis: How YOU can benefit from collaborative research on emerging bark beetle pests” Oral Jiri Hulcr School of Forest Resources and Conservation, University of Florida USA B-25
463 Bacterial volatile ammonia regulates the consumption sequence of D-pinitol and D-glucose in a fungus associated with an invasive bark beetle Oral Min Lu Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences China B-25
464 Influence of severe drought on the resistance of Pinus yunnanensis to a bark beetle- associated fungus Oral X. Gao Key Laboratory of Forest Protection of State Forest Administration, China B-25
C-01 Sustainable intensification – can we increase forest production without adverse impacts on the environment and society and under a rapidly changing climate Tim Payn 264 Sustainable Intensification in Planted Forests – using sustainability frameworks as a conceptual framework to inform good practice and avoid unintended consequences Oral Tim Payn Scion and Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology New Zealand C-01 4
Luis Neves Silva 270 Use of genetically improved regeneration material to meet sustainable intensification challenges: silvicultural and micro-economic effects in 3 European study cases Oral Hernán Serrano León European Forest Institute Spain C-01
419 Assessment of the 3PG model ability to simulate the impact of fertilization in Eucalyptus globulus stands Oral Margarida Tomé Centro de Estudos Florestais, Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Universidade de Lisboa Portugal C-01
278 Intensifying Forest Management in China Oral Runsheng Yin MSU USA C-01 D-09
C-02 Understanding plantation wood properties for value-added end products Lyu Jianxiong 83 Cell Wall Properties of Wood after the thermo-hygro-mechanical (THM) treatment Oral Juan Guo Research Institute of Wood Indusry, Chinese Academy of Forestry China C-02 4
90 Wood quality of planted white spruce: sought traits and their enhancement through tree improvement Oral Mariana Hassegawa Laval Unversity Canada C-02
114 Effect of polyvinyl alcohol on properties of furfurylated wood Oral Jinzhen Cao Beijing Forestry University China C-02
Yin Yafang 160 Controlled Fabrication and Properties of Inorganic Nanomaterials Grown onto Wood Surface Using a Low-Temperature-Cosolvent Hydrothermal Method Oral Qingfeng Sun Zhejiang Z&F University China C-02
C-05 Chemical processing and utilization of plantation woody products – new concept: green process and value-added products Wang Siqun 22 Variable #S#ion in PLS model using Significance Multivariate Correlation (sMC) to reduce grain angle infection on predict extractives content from heartwood stem cores of E. bosistoana Print Only Yanjie Research Institute of Subtropical Forestry, Chinese Academy of Forestry China C-05 8
Fang Guigan 60 Hydration of α-pinene over SO42-/Zr-MCM-41 in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Poster huimin Qingdao University of Science and Technology China C-05
134 Study on Selective Laser Sintering of Wood-plastic Composites Oral Guo Yan Ling ,郭艳玲 东北林业大学 China C-05
161 High-value application research of woody nano-functional materials Oral Lyu Shao Yi  Research Institute of Wood Industry, Chinese Academy of Forestry China C-05
166 Toward Green, Sustainable, and Tailored Production of Lignocellulose Nanomaterials Oral Bian Hui Yang ,卞辉洋 ,南京林业大学 China C-05
178 Covalent modification of cellulose with phenylboronic acid via phase transfer catalysis Print Only Wu Wei ,武伟 ,南京大学 China C-05
186 Extraction and characterization of lignin-containing cellulose nanofibers from hybrid poplar Oral Siqun University of Tennessee USA C-05
196 High efficient lignin depolymerization via effective inhibition of condensation during polyoxometalate mediated oxidation Oral Yang Wei Sheng ,杨伟胜 南京林业大学 China C-05
221 Highly efficiency Fractionation Strategy of Lignocellulosic Biomass and Characterization of the Fractions Poster Zhang Yong Jian ,张永健 ,南京林业大学 China C-05
224 An energy efficient method to prepare cellulose nanofiber with uniform diameter Poster 宋阳 南京林业大学 China C-05
250 Hydrogels Derived from Lignin with pH Rapidly Responsive and Magnetic Properties Print Only 刘武 中南林业科技大学 C-05
253 Manufacturing Technologies for Production of New Fuctional Materials based on Lignocellulosic Biomass Oral Feng Beijing Key Laboratory of Lignocellulosic Chemistry, Beijing Forestry University China C-05
267 Implication of feedstock and processing conditions on lignin based carbons Oral David University of Tennessee USA C-05
382 Chitosan based layered carbon materials prepared via Ionic liquid –assisted hydrothermal carbonization and supercapacitance performance study Poster 于世涛 青岛科技大学 C-05
461 Viable conversion of cellulose into platform chemicals over active carbon supported metal chlorides in sulfolane / water solvent Poster 刘超 中国林业科学研究院林产化学工业研究所 China C-05
465 Preparation and Application of bio-based Materials Derived from Lignin Oral 韩雁明 中国林业科学研究院林业新技术研究所 China C-05
C-06 Chemical utilization of non-wood forest products Shang Shibin 117 Multi-scale Pectin/Polyphenol Beads for Non-fouling Fluorescence Tracking on Soft Matter Under Water Oral Juan Xu the Research Institute of Resources Insects (RIRI) of the Chinese Academy of Forestry China C-06 10
153 Unexpected Rheological Behavior of a Hydrophobic Associative Shellac-Based Oligomeric Food Thickener Poster Jianan the Research Institute of Resources Insects (RIRI) of the Chinese Academy of Forestry China C-06
155 The application and development of insect wax in daily chemical and medical health care products Print Only Jinju Ma  Research Institute of Resources Insects of the Chinese Academy of Forestry China C-06
202 Efficient recovery and reuse of ionic liquid after preparing cellulose nanofibers Poster 陈伟 Chen Wei  南京林业大学化学工程学院 China C-06
218 Determination and Comparison of Sulfuric Acid Hydrolysis for Three Typical Galactomannans by High Performance Liquid Chromatography Method Oral 蒋建新 Jiang Jian Xin  北京林业大学 China C-06
223 Radidly removal of methyl orange from dye wastewater with Fe/Fe3C@C catalyst under microwave irradiation Poster 蔡博 Cai Bo  ,南京林业大学 China C-06
254 Utilization of mono- and sesquiterpenes in light-cured resin and luminescent material Oral 王石发 Wang Shi Fa  南京林业大学 China C-06
256 Extraction and Composition Analysis of Hemicellulose from  Shell of Camellia Oleifera  Abel Print Only lisong  hu Research of Institute Subtropical Forestry Chinese Academy  of Forestry China C-06
258 Tribological properties study of rubber seed oil -based lubricant additive in water-ethylene glycol liquid Oral 丁海阳 Ding Hai Yang  中国林业科学研究院林产化学工业研究所 China C-06
367 Extraction and purification of pinolenic acid form Pinus koraiensis Sieb seed oil and study on its lipid-lowering mechanism Oral 付玉杰 Fu Yu Jie   Key Laboratory of Forest Plant Ecology, Ministry of Education, Northeast Forestry University C-06
371 synthesis of amorphous Ni-B alloy supported by g-C3N4 and its high #S#ivity to prepare cis-pinane Oral shuang tan qingdao university of science and technology China C-06
391 The application and development of insect wax in daily chemical products Poster Jinju Ma , Research Institute of Resources Insects of the Chinese Academy of Forestry China C-06
395 High-valued Utilization of Planted Forest Barks Oral Fei Wang Fei Wang 南京林业大学 China C-06
410 Synthesis and application of separated functional rosin-base materia Oral Pengfei Li Guangxi University for Nationalities China C-06
467 Subcritical water extraction as a first choice green extraction technique for the enhanced extraction of molecules from plants Oral Aleksandra Cvetanovic University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technology Serbia C-06
C-07 Wood science and technology Mihai Ispas 100 Ultralighthigh-elasticity and large-scale anisotropic nanocellulose aerogels via cooperation of tunable chemical modification and unidirectional freeze-casting  Oral Yuan Chen Research Institute of Wood Industry China C-07 4
308 Economic Benefits Analysis of Barbecue Bamboo Charcoal Plants with Different Production Scales in Fujian Province of China Poster 张涛 Zhang Tao  国际竹藤中心 China C-07
Marius C?t?lin Barbu 315 Distribution of heartwood extractives content in Eucalyptus bosistoana Oral 李彦杰 中国林科院亚热带林业研究所 China C-07
413 Influence of the press closing time upon the properties of HDF panels made from wood originating from planted forests Oral Mihai Ispas Transilvania University Romania C-07
Salim Hiziroglu 204 Fast growing poplars providing innovation potential to an integrated wood industry Oral Joris Van Acker Ghent University - Woodlab Belgium C-07 C-03
88 The physical and chemical properties of pinus masson sawdust  in the process of composting Poster zhang jinping Research Institute of Subtropical Forestry,Chinese Academy of Forestry China C-07 C-03
Mei Changtong 89 Study on the Change Law of Tannin and Saponin in the Composting Process of Camellia Oleifera Shell and Camellia Oleifera Seed Cake Poster 应玥 Ying  Research Institue of Subtropical Forestry, Chinese Academy of Forestry China C-07 C-03
91 Production of furfural from xylose using solid acid catalyst in a biphasic system Poster 刘勇 Liu Yong  School of chemistry and chemical engineering, South China University of Technology C-07 C-03
C-08 Life cycle impacts of renewable forest-based products in developing circular bioeconomy Pekka Leskinen 449 Climate substitution impacts of forest products Oral Pekka Leskinen Bioeconomy Program European Forest Institute, Finland Finland C-08 5
Xiaoqian Chen 450 LCA and LCC development in the US for tall wood building with CLT new materials Oral Hongmei Gu Research Forest Products Technologist USDA Forest Products Laboratory United States USA C-08
Hongmei Gu 451 Strategies for reducing carbon footprints of wooden furniture: supply chain management and eco-design Oral Wang Zhen Beijing Forestry University China C-08
452 Planted forest and the contribution to bioeconomy in Europe Oral Christophe Orazio Plantation Facility Head of Unit European Forest Institute France C-08
Wang Zhen 453 Planted forest and the contribution to green development in China Oral Yali Wen Professor Beijing forest university, China China C-08
D-01 Policies for improved contributions of planted forests to economies, societies and the environment Rod Keenan 26 Costs of Delayed Reforestation and Failure to Reforest Oral Daowei  Zhang FAO China D-01a 9
35 Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Strategies by Smallholder Farmers in Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia    Oral Abrham Belay Mekonnen Hawassa University Ethiopia D-01a
40 Forest policy aspects of community-managed forestry towards forestry sustainability in Cambodia: Use of Kendall Coefficient of Concordance and Content Analysis  Poster Sareth Nhem Kongju National University Cambodia D-01
98 Forest policy and socio-economics in relation to planted forests Oral Paschalis Jakubowicz Piotr Faculty of Forestry Poland D-01b
Wen Yali 147 An assessment of transgenomics as a tool for gene discovery in Populus euphratica Oliv. Print Only jing zhou State Key Laboratory of Tree Genetics and Breeding, Research Institute of Forestry, China D-01
329 Improved policies for planted forests in Laos and Vietnam Oral Rodney Keenan University of Melbourne Australia D-01b
Thu Ba Huynh 330 Timber value chain analysis (VCA) in Vietnam and Lao PDR Oral Tek Maraseni University of Southern Queensland Australia D-01b
341 Multi-dimensional Poverty Reduction through Timber Plantations: Policy Lessons from the Central Region, Vietnam Oral THU-BA T HUYNH University of Melbourne Australia D-01b
365 Comparing financial returns from three Eucalyptus plantations in Lao PDR Poster Somvang Phimmavong National University of Laos LAO PDR D-01
394 Impact of forest plantation development in Laos: regional and national level economic modelling analysis Oral Somvang Phimmavong National University of Laos LAO PDR D-01a
443 Policies to support higher quality log production from smallholder acacia plantations in Central Viet Nam Oral Vu Tan Phuong Viet Nam Academy of Forest Sciences Viet Nam D-01a
D-02 The role of sustainable intensification in restoration and provision of forest products – connecting the dialogue Luis Neves Silva 16 Planted forest expansion in Brazil: Global Market and Forest Conservation Dynamics Oral Luis Henrique  Fran?a Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture/University of S?o Paulo Brazil D-02 2
Natalia Canova 414 The Role of Sustainable Intensification in Restoration and Provision of Forest-Products – Connecting the Dialogue  Oral Mike May VP Public Affairs  Israel D-02
Luis Carlos Estraviz Organise a discussion pannel with 3 authors Panel Natalia Canova FuturaGene D-02
D-03 Green belt road Luis Neves Silva 402 Yellowhorn –green infrastructure for development of arid regions in China Oral Mike May FuturaGene VP China Spain D-03 1
Wu Shuirong
Wenbin Huang
D-04 Barriers and opportunities to realising the full value of planted forests contribution to ‘Sustainable Wood for a Sustainable World’ Benjamin Caldwell 138 Sustainable wood use in design and construction contributing to the sustainable development goals and climate change mitigation Oral Andrea Stocchero Scion New Zealand D-04 3
406 Sustainable wood: 3 dimensions Oral Vincent Gitz CIFOR Indonesia D-04
Luis Neves Silva 437 Market regulation role of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in the subtropical artificial forest Oral 田兴军 Nanjing University China D-04 B-17
D-05 Ecosystem services frameworks for enhancing the management of planted forests Richard T. Yao 188 A spatial economic framework that accounts for the wider benefits of Oral Richard Yao SCION (NZ Forest Research Institute) New Zealand D-05 6
Lu Wenming 272 Applying an Ecosystem Services Framework for Decision Making on Replanted Forests Oral Clyde Casey US Geological Survey USA D-05
Robert Deal 301 Tree species composition and diversity effects on ecosystem functions and services in Pacific Northwest plantation forest Oral Austin Himes GreenWood Resources/Oregon State University USA D-05
316 Forest ecosystem services in the Asia Pacific: practices and prospects Oral Rodney Keenan University of Melbourne Australia D-05
438 Using ecosystem services and markets to enhance sustainable forest management in the USA Oral Robert Deal USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station USA D-05
439 Can planted forests provide multiple ecosystem services? Oral Sunil K Sharma CIFOR D-05
D-10 Assessing the effectiveness and impact of China’s ecosystem restoration programs Cheng Baodong 214 Multi-scale drivers and multiple pathways to China's forest transition Oral Lingchao Li Beijing Forestry University China D-10 4
Runsheng Yin 279 Assessing the Effectiveness and Impact of China’s Ecosystem Restoration Programs Oral Baodong BFU USA D-10
324 The impact of property right arrangement on forestland productivity: based on the comparative analysis between the collective forest and state-owned forest region in Jilin province of China Oral 宁攸凉 Ning You Liang  中国林业科学研究院林业科技信息研究所 D-10 D-09
368 Plantation forestry for Poverty Alleviation: Bangladesh perspective Oral Laskar Muqsudur Rahman Forest Department Bangladesh D-10 B-15
D-09 An introduction to the forest policy & economics special issue on China’s forest reforms Runsheng Yin 277 An introduction to the Forest Policy & Economics Special Issue on China’s Forest Reforms  Oral Runsheng Yin MSU USA D-09 1
Liu Can Panel discussion D-09
D-11 Collective forestry reform, non-timber forest economy, and rural development Wen Yali 280 Collective Forestry Reform, Non-Timber Forest Economy, and Rural Development  Oral Yali BFU USA D-11 5
Gao Lan 331 collective forestry reform and forestland transfer in China Oral han zhang northwest a&f university China D-11
340 Efficiency Evaluation on the Provincial Practice Guangdong Model of the Reform of Collective Forest Right System Basing on the Structure-Conduct-Performance Analytical Framework Poster yi li south china agricultural university China D-11
Runsheng Yin 349 Non-timber Forest Economy in China: Challenges and Solutions Oral yi xie Beijing Forestry Unversity China D-11
398 Collective Forestry Reform and Rural Development in Fujian Oral 戴永务 Dai Yong Wu  福建农林大学 China D-11
D-12 A landscape approach to planted forests Vincent GITZ 346 Smallholder agroforestry systems - an essential factor in the landscape approach to planted forests Oral James  Roshetko  World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) Indonesia D-12 5
396 Seeing the forest and the trees: unlocking how trees managed by farmers can provide forest functions Oral Fergus Sinclair ICRAF Kenya D-12
404 Planted forests: a landscape approach Oral Vincent Gitz CIFOR Indonesia D-12
441 Integrated landscape approaches: From characterization to operationalization Oral James CIFOR UK D-12
442 Landscape-level approaches for planted forests in Lao PDR and Viet Nam Oral Rodney Keenan University of Melbourne Australia D-12