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1.       How do you think of the role and position of planted forests?

The area of planted forests continues to expand globally. Well-managed planted forests conserve and enhance biodiversity and contribute to local livelihoods. Planted forests should not replace natural or semi-natural forests, but rather complement them. International discourses on planted forests are varied and at times contested. The role of IUFRO in this regard is to provide the current state of knowledge and to act as an “honest broker”.

2.       What is your impression on the development of planted forests in China?

The considerable increase in planted forests in past years has mainly been achieved in countries in Asia, and especially in China. The Government of China has set itself ambitious goals to achieve green, circular, low carbon development in the future. Planted forests will make an essential contribution towards meeting these goals through programmes such as the “Three-North Shelterbelt Program”, the world’s largest forestation programme.

3.       What are the prospects and recommendations for the development of planted forests globally?

Planted forests will become even more important in the future in order to mitigate climate change and to meet the increasing demand for forest products from growing populations and the emerging bio-economy. At the same time, increasing emphasis will have to be placed on balancing the economic, social and environmental sustainability of planted forests in a broader landscape perspective. IUFRO will continue to support this global effort scientifically.