B-13 Impacts of climate change and air pollution on forest ecosystems: Impacts, adaptation and management options






Enzai Du


Beijing Normal University; IUFRO Unit 7.01.03


Guangyu Wang


Faculty of Forestry, University of British Columbia


Time slot:

1.5 hours



Oral presentations


Session description:

Climate change (e.g., global warming, drought and CO2 enrichment) and air pollution (e.g., acid rain, nitrogen deposition, and increase in surface ozone) are altering global forest structure and function in 21st Century. Many of these factors are at levels not previously observed in human history for many parts of the world. In current context, it is important to understand the impacts of climate change and air pollution on forest ecosystems and their feedbacks. This will help to improve ecological sustainability of both natural and planted forests, and to better guide management options. This session will open to speakers who are working on climate change and air pollution and their integrated ecological impacts through different monitoring, modeling, experimentation efforts. Our session provides opportunities for knowledge exchange and discussion on current challenges and future research directions for sustainable management of forest ecosystems.