Shen Guofang

Shen Guofang, a forestry expert, is a native of Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province. He was born in 1933, and graduated from the Leningrad Forest-Technical Academy of the former Soviet Union in 1956. He once served as president of the Beijing Forestry University, and president of the Chinese Society of Forestry, and was elected member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) in 1995.Shen Guofang has been elected and served as vice-president of CAE during 1998-2006.

Shen Guofang has been engaged in the teaching and research of silviculture and forest ecology for a long time, taking a leading role in silviculture, one of the nation’s key fields of learning. He is the chief editor of the serial nationwide used textbooks of Silviculture, and the first one in China who put forward the classified targets for fast-growing and high-yield forest plantations in different regions; and was in charge of drafting the “Policies on the Development of Fast-growing and High-yield Timber Forest Technologies,” which was put into the blue paper by the State Science and Technology Commission. He took the lead in adopting the multivariable statistic and analysis for site factor — the growth relations of tree species, and made the parallel studies of diversified tree species in a creative way. In addition, he has played an important role in China’s profound research on the establishing of mixed forests and dry-land forests, and on the post-forest fire ecological restoration. Over the past decade, he has actively participated in the research on the strategy for the sustainable development of forestry, and a series of consulting and research work of the CAE, and has made remarkable achievements in the research on the strategies for the sustainable development of water resources and agriculture. He has won six national, provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress awards, published over 150 theses and 10 monographs and textbooks. In 1996 he was honored the Capital Labor Medal and the National May 1st Labor Medal.