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Genetic resources and tree breeding

Genetic resources endangered, genetic resources preservation

Biodiversity erosion, clonal/GMOs risk

Breeding limits

Risk affecting nursery/seedlings

Biotic risks: trends and management

Abiotic risk, etc.

Multi-purpose management of planted forests

Precision silviculture for multiple use of planted forests

Vulnerability and risk management

Resilience of planted forests

Ecosystem services from planted forests

Carbon, water and soil

Contribution to biodiversity protection

Productive landscapes restoration

Wood, fiber and non-wood forest products

Sustainable intensification

Affordable and clean energy

Industry innovation and biotechnology

Non-timber products

Contribution to food security

New data collection and added value in plantations

Forest policy and socio-economics in relation to planted forests

Sustainable cities/rural economy

No poverty, zero hunger

Plantation and Bioeconomy

Green Finance

Markets orientation and trading

Green Belt Road

Planted forest acceptability

Carbon markets